Nov 302010

Alas, the Rugby World Cup tickets are on general sale today, after the first 2 phases completed earlier in the year.  We think we’ll be around in NZ during them but doubt we’ll go to any matches which is a shame There’s a few reasons though : We don’t know where we’ll be based (probably […]

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Nov 292010
New Zealand Backpacking Guide Book

I’m proud to announce the arrival of my new New Zealand Backpacing Guidebook : New Zealand Backpacking Unwrapped. The guide is over 125 pages of quality information which I’m sure will help you during your next visit to New Zealand.  Although the ebook is aimed at backpacking in New Zealand, there is a lot of […]

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Nov 272010
Sunny weekend

Had a great day in Wellington in the sun. Bought a portable BBQ for road trip, then went to a scenic viewpoint, then some swimming and sunbathing on our local beach 1km from our door.  We topped off the day with a BBQ and sat in shorts in the garden til 9pm.

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Nov 212010

It’s official!  We’ve passed the first phase of our residency application process and have been officially invited to make a full application for residency.  Unfortunately we’re waiting on some paperwork from the UK to get over here, and we’ve got some medical things and more to do.  We’re hoping that we can submit it in […]

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Nov 202010
Ciara drinking beer

My first real time update. We are sitting in bar Edward in Wellington. Its known for its great selection of beers…including gluten free Scott’s beer from Auckland. Cheers to everyone!

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Nov 192010
Kayaking in Wellington

At the start of last week I was lucky enough to be offered to go kayaking with my Wellington friend Jono.  I know him from over 10 years ago when I spent a winter in Canada.  So yet again, I went out to play while the boss was busting a gut. The van was pretty […]

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Nov 102010
Wellington Fireworks

Remember remember the 5th November? Well we will as we went along to watch the fireworks in Wellington harbour.  It’s the biggest fireworks show of the year apparently so we met up after work for a few drinsk with friends, then headed outside along the waterfront to view them. I had great ideas about setting […]

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Nov 032010
Residency Progress

Just what you want to read on the immigration website of New Zealand! It looks like we are onto the next stage, with some quick checks to make sure we’re not fibbing about anything then hopefully we’ll get invited to apply for our NZ residency! Thanks to everyone back home for their help in hunting […]

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