Oct 272010

DCRAIG_20101009_005_webI’m about to try and play some catch up on the blog….so here we are rewinding a couple of weeks when we both went on our first real live ‘mussel hunt’!!

Now I’m sure there’s a more technical description but basically we drove a few minutes round the bay next to the house at low tide, then went looking for mussels.  We had no idea what we were doing, but it was our first attempt.  We had both seen people snorkelling and collecting from the shore in the past so we knew there were some around.  Within minutes we had several mussels, but we just weren’t sure what the ‘hairy bits’ coming out of them were….apart from that those hairy bits had a bloody strong hold on the surrounding rocks!  A quick call to my local friend an we were assured it was normal….and we later found out that even the supermarket bough fresh mussels have these on them.

So a bit of tugging and within ten minutes we were back in the van driving back to an excited housemate so we cooked them up with a white wine, butter and garlic sauce.  And the best thing?  None of us were sick, although I did get the housemate to taste them first Winking smile

Cooking musselsCooking mussels

So it was a successful first mission, and no doubt will be repeated…maybe with wetsuit, fin and snorkels in the future!  Mind you I just remembered that Ciara still never tasted any…..

It is one thing about Wellington on a nice day – it really does give you loads of stuff to do, and we’re in an ideal location for most of the things, just minutes from the door ‘n’ shore.


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