Oct 312010

Well folks we have officially put in for our expression of interest to apply for New Zealand residency!  We spent a long time on Saturday filling out the form online, and submitted it today.  We have yet to send off for police certs from back home and a couple of other things so it may […]

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Oct 272010
Our full van

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but a few weekends ago we spotted some boogie boards in a garage sale……of course I was the bad influence and we ended up buying them, and a frisbee to go with them.  With them and the bikes our van is looking well stacked now.  We still have […]

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Oct 272010
Hunting for Mussels in Shelly Bay, Wellington

I’m about to try and play some catch up on the blog….so here we are rewinding a couple of weeks when we both went on our first real live ‘mussel hunt’!! Now I’m sure there’s a more technical description but basically we drove a few minutes round the bay next to the house at low […]

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Oct 212010
It’s been a while…

Its been a while since I posted so I’m just going to fire up a quick one before we head off for the weekend.  The blog posts are surely getting a bit repetitive “cycling, outdoors, weather good, weather bad” so I’ll try and work out some new stuff to write! Needless to say it should […]

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Oct 062010
Welly weekend and cycling

We finished our week at our alternative accommodation in Wellington’s Mount Victoria area.  We had a great week and were very fortunate to have a great host too – including dotty the cat.  Unfortunately the weather was the probably the worst we’ve seen so far with wild winds and torrential rain so that put paid […]

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