Sep 282010

It suddenly dawned on me how long its been since my last post, and I know you’ll all be waiting in anticipation…. 😉

So the last post was about storms, so we decided to wait that weekend out in Wellington as the weather didn’t look too hot….but it was!  So we had a walk out to the seal colony a few kilometres from where we stay, and went hunting for some bikes to buy. Walking to the colony just past red rocks is a great way to see how some things in NZ are so different – people were walking, cycling, driving (it’s a 4×4 track) and running along the coastal track, others were surfing, I was bouldering on the way, and others were snorkelling on the coast to collect crayfish and paua.  Everyone seems to get along and manages to share the space.  The great thing is that once we get bikes we would be able to do this from our doorstep as its about 8km away.  We also visited another couple of beaches on both the west and east of Wellington which were stormy as on the west, and quite calm on the east.  They don’t call it Windy Wellington for nothing – it’s crazy!

The coast around Wellington is pretty neat though but it takes you an hour to get round the bay that’s only a few kilometres across the sea, but we can walk to the beach in ten minutes too.  Hopefully some of the pics will show you the coastline.

DCRAIG_20100918_203_web DCRAIG_20100919_002_web

DCRAIG_20100918_468_webOn the west coast we have Makara beach (top left), and on the east of Wellington we have Baring Head (right) which has a lot of bouldering and climbing.  Makara is just past a mountain bike park which we hope to check out over the next couple of weeks as we both have bikes now…or at least we will once we pick them up at the weekend!  We managed to pick up some quite cheap bikes, with Ciara using her birthday cash towards it, but unfortunately we have to pick up a bike rack, helmets and other odds ‘n’ sods to go along with them but they should give us loads of fun when we hit the road, and even around Wellington.  I’ve even managed to be sensible and get a cheap one rather than the one I really wanted!




Here are some pics of the walk to ‘Red Rocks’ (they really are red) and Sinclair Head.  Hopefully the water will warm up a bit by summer so we can get in!

DCRAIG_20100918_438_web DCRAIG_20100918_451_web

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  1. I love the Weelington coastal pics! Making me homesick.

  2. Thanks Glen…must admit the longer I’m in Welly the more I like it. Sometimes its a love hate relationship..depending on the sun…or wind! 😉 hope u keep reading.

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