Sep 292010

We’ve just felt our first earthquake in Wellington!  It was just a small one so hardly fact it just felt like a bus driving past the window. Don’t worry though mums…..there has been several since we’ve been here and we’ve not even felt the others.

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Sep 292010
Napier road trip and city living

This weekend we headed up to Napier as it was…..windy in Wellington!  It apparently turned out not too bad in the city, but we headed away anyway.  The drive was a bit of a nightmare as it felt like I was driving a mini metro, with a 12 metre kite on top, in a hurricane.  […]

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Sep 282010
A ‘Stormy’ Wellington Weekend

It suddenly dawned on me how long its been since my last post, and I know you’ll all be waiting in anticipation…. 😉 So the last post was about storms, so we decided to wait that weekend out in Wellington as the weather didn’t look too hot….but it was!  So we had a walk out […]

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Sep 172010
The Storms are hitting us in Wellington

We’ve decided to hang around the city this weekend as there are large storms forecast to hit this weekend……it could be exciting as I sit here with thunderstorms and the odd bit of lightning as I prepare to catch the bus into town.  Here’s a shot of one of the storm fronts coming through a […]

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Sep 132010
Birthday HeliPro flight over Wellington

I’m lagging behind on blog posts again but last weekend we managed to get up for a short scenic HeliPro flight over Wellington for Ciara’s birthday.  We had to cancel on the big day due to the typical last minute windy Wellington weather but on the Saturday the weather was superb.  We departed from the […]

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Sep 032010

Just incase you are worried we are unaffected by the earthquake that hit Christchurch last night.  It’s about 190 miles away as the crow flies but it’s in the South Island.  Our housemate felt the quake during the night but the rest of us in the house slept through it. Unfortunately Christchurch has been a […]

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