Aug 192010
A Weekend Away

Its been another week of little blogging and no photos so just a mini catch up before the weekend.  Last weekend we managed to get out and about a bit with a beach walk, and a kite fly, then some indoor climbing with friends on Sunday so at least we got around after Ciara’s first […]

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Aug 092010

We’ve arrived in Wellington and are trying hard to make it ‘home’ after Ciara brilliantly got a short term contract and is currently in the office as I write this. I’m so looking forward to being a kept man while I hunt for vans, flats and the like :-)    (Actually I need to up my […]

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Aug 092010
Auckland – The rest of it….

  Well the blogging has been going downhill a bit since we arrived in NZ as well…the wifi situation hasn’t improved since I was here 4 years ago…there’s no free wifi access I’ve found yet apart from the odd coffee shop that gives you a code when you buy stuff. Anyway, we spent a while […]

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Aug 062010

We’re alive in Wellington – blogging has been slow due to internet access…but Ciara has a job for at least a month, I’m still looking but things not looking too great for my normal role, and I’ll upload pics and more soonish…..

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