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I’ve updated this post with the picture below from the second night in Hong Kong – viewing the sunset from the top of Victoria Peak.




We arrived in Hong Kong after a 10 hour sleeper bus (pictures soon).  The bus was superb with three rows of 2 beds lengthways down the bus.  Unfortunately the roads weren’t super smooth so the sleeping wasn’t the best.

We had an easy border crossing, but it’s a bit long winded and you can tell it’s a border crossing that’s a bit different from normal as it’s like walking through an old shopping mall by the time you reach the immigration etc.  But from there it was very easy to get to our hostel – one metro trip, and 100m down the road.

We’ve only been in Hong Kong for about 15 hours but we already love parts of it.  That’ll be mainly the shopping and we’ve only been to one mall.  It really makes me realise how little choice the UK has for stuff – a shockingly small amount.  So far we’ve virtually spent a fortune on Patagonia gear, Columbia Gear, Quicksilver……loads of impressive camera shops (selling a big lens for way too much less than I bought it for in the UK), computer shops, there’s iPhone 4’s for sale (legit ones!), every available camera lens in stock (and that’s just the small shops on the main drag), notebooks so small you could almost fit them in your pocket, and thousands of bars and eating places.

The only real activity we did today though was eat (two good meals after nothing much since 8pm last night), and see the Symphony of Lights which is a light show performed on the Hong Kong skyline.  Many of the major buildings switch on and off lights in some kind of synchronization so it’s almost like there’ are tens of thousands of synchronized office workers at 8pm each night having a laugh (although I’m sure it’s automated!).

That’s all for now though.  Time to go to sleep in our shoebox (actually it’s not that bad – there’s loads around us as soon as we leave the entrance, and we’re two minutes from locals eating places, and 5 minutes from the waterfront).  Hong Kong certainly isn’t nearly as cheap as mainland China though!  It could be an expensive week…


I never managed to post this blog entry last night so we’ve been out and about today just wandering around….erm some IT malls (but I’ve kept walking), and we’ve been up The Peak Tram to the highest point on Hong Kong Island.  We lingered around there for quite some time before, during and after sunset so I’ll update this post soon with some pictures taken from the other side (the top right of the hill in the picture above).  We also spent some more cash on food today – our most expensive meal yet at almost £30 for two….and it was only burgers….but it was at the summit of the peak.

PS: Before you say we’re being tight we are eating out all the time and normal meal in China was expensive if it was £8 for two!  That’t the price of a cheap lunch here.

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  1. Oh dear mate – Hong Kong, I know wha you’re like, I’m worried for your wallet!

    Enjoying the blog mate, sorry not been in touch until now. Glad to see it’s gone so well through Asia, glad you guys are loving it.

    I know you won’t be too gutted, but it’s been the best summer in years back home – loadsa sunshine. Myself, Chester and Caroline had a great two weeks n the northwest and Skye with really good weatherand lots climbed, including a whole new crag!

    Caroline and I now have a place sorted in Fowey, Cornwall. It’s really cool and we’re moving in in a week.
    Caroline got a job offer as a jouno on a paper down there about a week after you left, so she’s already working down there and I’m hopefully gonna be getting some full(ish) time work off them too…

    You guys must come and staywth us whenever, if ever, you’re back.

    Love to you both, by for now.

    Great writing and photos as ever Darren. Keep it up!


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