Jul 202010

We landed in Auckland yesterday and immediately got hit with the realities of trying to leave behind free minded travel, free wifi, cheap food and drinks…..and hitting a western country that has similar prices!
Not much has seemed to change much since I was here 4 years ago – internet still isn’t free in many places, it’s 1/3rd more expensive than it was back then  (£1.75 for a small bottle of coke in the 7-11!), and there’s not a huge selection of some stuff when you go looking.

But we did hit happy hour for a couple, had a great mexican where most things were gluten free, we got Ciara a gluten free cookie in a normal corner shop, and I’ve checked in at the organisation I got my visa through. 
Today’s mission is to apply for bank accounts, tax numbers and try to stay upbeat!  My sleep wasn’t the best last night as the reality hit us (oh it’s such a hard life eh!).

Anyway, off to go for a wander and try to decide on the real jobs versus fruit picking etc options! I’m desperate to get a car to get us mobile so we can drive just outside the city and experience some of the other stuff but that’ll come with time.

Wish us luck……..

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