Jul 232010
Auckland Update – Gluten Free City

We’ve been in Auckland for a few days now and nothing much to report.  We’ve been looking at job sites (well, ahem, some more than others, and I’m not to be praised on that front), but we have set up bank accounts, applied for tax numbers, looked at housesits, help exchanges, transferred a bunch of […]

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Jul 202010

We landed in Auckland yesterday and immediately got hit with the realities of trying to leave behind free minded travel, free wifi, cheap food and drinks…..and hitting a western country that has similar prices! Not much has seemed to change much since I was here 4 years ago – internet still isn’t free in many […]

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Jul 182010

Well it’s fair to say we had an uber lazy today, enjoying the comforts of a decent room and some space to relax. We headed for the Venetian casino last night which is the largest in the world.  It’s very similar to the one in Vegas, complete with indoor gondola rides to make you think […]

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Jul 162010
Leaving Hong Kong – Macau Bound

We’ve loved Hong Kong – it’s a mad crazy busy but cool place.  No inch of space is wasted, but one of the best things is it’s really easy and quick to get around downtown as it’s so compact, yet you can escape to the beach or another island quite easily as well…..so that’s what […]

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Jul 132010
Hong Kong

I’ve updated this post with the picture below from the second night in Hong Kong – viewing the sunset from the top of Victoria Peak.   We arrived in Hong Kong after a 10 hour sleeper bus (pictures soon).  The bus was superb with three rows of 2 beds lengthways down the bus.  Unfortunately the […]

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Jul 102010

Just as a bit of chance I’ve added a ‘Donate’ button the right hand side of the blog…..if anyone wants to try it…erm, just to see if it works   ;-)   …..I’m sure we’d be delighted to have a coffee from you in NZ….or a night in a 5 star hotel….some rafting, skiiing…..car deposit……  I saw […]

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Jul 102010
Yangshou, China

Panorama from our hostel’s rooftop bar terrace :-)   (Excuse the quality but I’m in a rush and we’re about to head up there for our last drink!)   Well we’ve had a bloody busy week in Yangshou in China.  This was the place we picked to chill out in for a week, largely because it’s […]

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Jul 032010

On our last full day in Beijing we went to the great wall and Ciara finally managed to walk along a section, a few months later than initially planned.  We reluctantly went on a tour to do this as some sections were closed and we were getting confusing information from forums, the tourist information and […]

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