Jun 012010

We are back in Bishkek for a night and been visited by the rain. We have word that our tickets will be ready for our Mongolian flight tomorrow, which is just as well as we’re heading to Almaty and Kazakhstan in the morning.
We had a night in a jailoo last night which is a pasture at about 2700m….we were a bit clogged up with what we assumed was a horse dung fire to keep us warm during the night! We went out on a couple of horses for two hours in the afternoon up to about 3200m…and there was a baltic wind. We turned back as Ciara turned to ice, which is probably just as well as she’s walking like John Wayne today (or at least trying to walk). The horses had a remarkable knack of farting while walking – “Sound of Music” Kyrgyz style. Later I managed to drink some kumuz….which tastes as good as it sounds – fermented mares milk. I managed a few though.
I forgot to say we shared a car with a Kazakh film crew when we left Bishkek last week to go to Lake Issy Kul. They interviewed me as they dropped us at the hotel and asked some questions about what it was like visiting Kyrgyzstan, and what issues people considered….. so there you go….I’m a real life ‘Borat’!
Maybe when we hit Almaty we’ll see me on the tele as we channel hop…….

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