Jun 262010

That’s us arrived in Beijing after our 31 hour sleeper train from Ulanbataar.  The journey was quite good apart from the carriage being a bit hot and stuffy.  We had an English speaking Mongolian guy in our carriage so it was very easy going, especially as he spent a lot of time in the carriage […]

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Jun 242010
Back from the Gobi, onto China

We got back from a 10 day tour to the Gobi desert yesterday and have a catch up day in Ulanbataar…but I doubt I’ll have time to put up any pics just now as I have loads downloaded last night, and we are leaving to Beijing in China at 0715 in the morning! Anyway, we’ve […]

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Jun 132010

It looks like we were very lucky with our visit to Kyrgyzstan as the violence has erupted in a much larger form in the South East cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad, where we were three weeks ago : There’s more reports on the BBC website.

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Jun 132010
Altai Nomadic Trek, Olgii

We’re just finished our 6 day trek around the lakes SW of Olgii….walking in the wilderness without meeting anyone else, shitting in the open and washing in the ice cold rivers with stunning views in the Altai National Park.  This is in the far west of Mongolia and not nearly as many visitors come here […]

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Jun 052010

We’re now in Olgi at the far west of Mongolia. Most folk get here with a flight from Ulanbataar in the east but we flew from Kazakhstan. It’s got a nice feel around here for some reason, despite it being like the wild west. Big buzzards (or some massive bird like that) hover over the […]

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Jun 032010

We’ve got our tickets now for Olgii and off wandering around Almaty today – the most modern and expensive city so far. Jammed streets full of 4x4s and modern shopping centres…no wonder the tourism board got a bit pissed about the Borat thing! We’re still waiting on confirmation about our tour – as always they […]

Jun 022010

We arrived in Almaty today and in a guesthouse on the outskirts. It’s a different world here almost with modern roads, cars, traffic jams and big shopping centres. Although we’re close to some massive mountains just 40 mins walk away I think we’ll be visiting the city tomorrow. Our Mongolian flight tickets have been issued […]

Jun 012010

We are back in Bishkek for a night and been visited by the rain. We have word that our tickets will be ready for our Mongolian flight tomorrow, which is just as well as we’re heading to Almaty and Kazakhstan in the morning. We had a night in a jailoo last night which is a […]

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