May 172010

Just a quick note to say we arrived in Osh, Kyrgyzstan after crossing the border from Uzbekistan this morning.
We visited the silk factory in Margilan (Uzbekistan) and paid over the odds for a crappy hotel there last night (still only $50 for the room but we were really miffed – were expecting $20 – we are obviously right into travelling mode!). We practiced our French though as we joined on the back of a tour group.
Only had a quick wander around Osh this afternoon and it was good to have to put on a long sleeve top for a change.
Osh Bazaar is massive – around 2km long and full of stuff. I love markets in countries like this. Apart from that it’s not a ‘bonny’ place really.
We’re going to spend tomorrow trying to get our Kyrg plans in place.
More soon, but not sure when!

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