Jun 112008

The blogging has went quiet this year and there’s no excuse really. What prompted this entry?
I realised that this night exactly one year ago I was living up my last night in Bangkok celebrating 12 months of travelling and all that that entailed….countries, people, cultures, sights, adventures, situations, scams, haggling, diving, trekking, volunteering, many great people and so much more……

So tonight it’s a beer to commiserate being back a year, but celebrate the times!

I should really be blogging a lot more as to be honest, despite struggling to get back to reality I had the fortune of having some savings that I shouldn’t have blown, had bad luck with a work contract, but despite all this I’ve done a load in Scotland and in that way it’s great to be back. With a little bit better, or more precisely more predicatable, weather this country could match and beat many others – it really is one of the “best little countries in the world” (unfortunately the powers that be ditched that slogan for a very mundane “Welcome to Scotland” in the tourism literature!?!?!).

I’ve been up to loads here doing my usual exploring, climbing, camping, walking and more so should have loads to blog about….maybe soon I’ll catch up but in the meantime I hope some of you enjoy my previous posts.

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  1. Good to see your back at the blog!

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