Dec 232007

That title is one of the bumper stickers I have seen this week in Florida. I could write loads about the place but I’m just checking into the blog just now to wish everyone a great new year and all that stuff……

Florida’s a weird place. I better watch what I say as I have family here now ;-> Some probably don’t consider Florida to be America, in the same way as Texan’s don’t think of Texas like America. I find it more funny and ironic each time I enter the country.

Everyone in this place seems to fall into the following category :

  • Super nice and friendly
  • Part of law enforcement/customs/etc with an attitude and friendlieness of someone you’ve just kicked in the nuts
  • psycho

Where I am in Florida, the housing tends to be in gated communities. While their country bombs other countries, it’s harder to get into the gated communities with their gaz guzzling cars than it is to get into a pub in Kabul. Yeh, 30mpg is advertised as good here. I just bought a car in the UK and I’m bitching it only does just above 30mpg. Maybe some American’s should be taken over to Europe to drive around for a while, forced to buy some petrol at over £1 a litre, then maybe some places here would be designed so you can actually walk between them rather than take the car.

But it’s weird to be back in the alledged free-est country in the world, where you have a 6 lane highway, yet can’t go over 35mph, can’t hang your washing out to dry outside in the gated community according to their rules (despite being in sunny Florida), and with loads of other things you can’t do, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

I’ve been on a bit of buying frenzy. I’m skint but at $33 (£16.50) for a pair of Levi jeans that would cost you more than their dollar price in pounds it would be stupid not too. Many other items of clothing have been stupidly cheap as well. The UK is just too expensive now, and as well as paying too much you usually have to put up with some grump git serving you, or on the other end of the phone.

Anyway, I’m having a bit of a rant. I’ve been driving around in a 4×4 this week – not necessary but it’s what my parents rented, and there’s a few of us. And I must admit it is quite nice.

That’s enough of my huge generalisations. I’m off to lounge by the pool, in the American side of my family’s gated community, drinking imported Heineken that’s cheaper to buy here than in Scotland, wearing my less than half price shorts and flip flops.

Happy Holidays!

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