Dec 132007

It never seems like I do nothing, but I seem to achieve nothing…..much.

My blog has been quiet since Afghanistan as life (generally) seems not quite so exciting.  I lost my IT contract just before I left so I cam back jobless, with a car that I couldn’t really afford any more, and the prospect of a pre-Christmas lull in the contract market.

Despite this, I’ve pretty much ran my bank account dry just living in the relatively expensive UK.  I’ve managed to grab a good few weekends away up north to Ben Nevis, Glencoe, Aviemore, back home etc.  I’ve also decided to accept an offer of a flight to Florida to see my niece before returning to Scotland for New Year (yaah!).  I’ll be heading from where something ‘old’ means the year 1500ish (Edinburgh Castle) to somewhere old being 50 years…..  to one of the ‘free-est countries in the world’….but where you cannot let off fireworks in city limits (if my memory serves me right from the last visit).

Coming back, I’ll be going from 80 degrees to 30 degrees (thats 28c to 0c) overnight, but at least I should be able to swim in the sea on xmas day with a bit of luck.

I still hum and haw about what to do as an alternative to IT.  I loved the photojournalism work I did recently… if only I could get that to pay…..or even better find out how to find the markets!  Afghan pictures anyone?

More soon hopefully…..

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  2 Responses to “Doing Nothing”

  1. “I still hum and haw about what to do as an alternative to IT”

    Not thinking about becoming a pro bmx-er then?

  2. With the pain in my rib from stuffing onto the handlebar, I think that may have to wait a bit…..

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