Nov 132007

Today was my last full day in and around Kabul….for this trip anyway ;->

It wasn’t quite as manic as some others but we stopped in past a couple of design houses in town before heading to Istalif, an hour north of Kabul. We went there to see some pottery projects to improve the quality of the pottery in the area for the export market.

I have a whole bunch of photos I’d like to show on this blog and on my site but I’m just so tired in the evenings now that all I can do is download my images, order room service, then crash out. 

Tomorrow is our first slow start in 10 days and we are getting a car to take us through Chicken Street in Kabul (the old ‘hippy street’ from the Silk Road travels) on route to the airport, then it’s destination Dubai.

I’m a bit sad to leave here as there is so much to follow up, and so many stories to find out more about, however it will be interesting to see if I can make my images work for me when I get back, and I am desperate for a bit of a chill out.

I have one full on day visiting galleries in Dubai, but the rest of the time there I can see myself just chilling by the pool and recuperating!  Usually I’d say this would be a waste of time, but it’s been a hectic 10 days here.

I moved out of the fort the same day where most of the residents were woken up by a couple of rockets going off in a nearby area – but nothing too much to worry about (if that doesn’t sound too mad to say!).

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