Nov 112007

We were fortunate enough to have a tour of Kabul with the Great Game tour company today, starting at Kabul Museum. We had a brief interview with the director there, then headed to town to tour around the markets in the centre. We stumbled across so many amazing sights there, and we were also a bit of a site for the locals. We spent some time in a bakery which was fascinating. I stopped to take a couple of shots of their equivalent of naan bread, and was ushered round the back by someone hanging around. We walked into the bakery’s production factory – one guy kneading the dough, throwing it to another who stretched it, who threw it to another to put some patterns on it, who threw it to another to drop it into the kiln. I could see the breads sticking to the sides of the oven before being lifted out on piled up for sale out the front. One of them was tossed to me – straight out the oven and delicious. Here’s the only image I have time to post just now as I have to download today’s shots before heading out for a while as unfortunately it’s my last night at the fort. 🙁

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