Nov 042007

So, get back from travel, get back to the ‘real’ world, get a job, get my head down for a few months then re-evaluate.

At least that roughly what my ‘plan’ was.  Or as close to a plan as I could ever get.  I bought a car to be mobile (being back in Scotland, and not being able to take off to the hills kills me!), got a contract yet in two weeks the following happened :

  • My contract was terminated and I was walked out the office due to a project suspension
  • The car I bought had exhaust and tyre problems
  • I won a compact camera and dropped it on its first trial outing as a mate bumped into me at the end of the night
  • My ‘3 months in for repair’ laptop was still giving me some grief
  • And various other things I choose to forget…!

So now, my initial invoices for work will probably not cover my recent expenses, and I am off to Afghanistan and Dubai for two weeks which will hold out the real job search until just around the time of the pre-xmas lull!

But, it could be worse.  I am sitting here in Dubai in my friend’s back garden on wifi, about to jump in the pool.

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