Nov 042007

IMG_3537_web I’ve been meaning to write much more about the build up to Kabul but I’ve been busy courting the many disasters detailed below.


I arrived in Dubai last night and got to my mate’s around 1.45am.  I’ve got some great friends scattered around – this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve entered a property abroad where the keys have been left for me, and I’ve never been to the place before.  I took a liberty and ‘borrowed’ a beer to celebrate my arrival.

Sitting writing this in the back garden with some loose bottoms and a t-shirt, I’ve decided that today will be a day of R&R before the hectic upcoming days.  I had a potential offer of a visit to the Ritz with my journalist friend but have heard nothing back.  I have a friend to meet tonight.  Jumeirah beach is just 10 mins down the road by car but the pool is 10 feet away. 

Maybe the sightseeing can wait til my return in 11 days.

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