Oct 192007

My blog has been…well, dead recently.  You see it’s just been too ‘normal’ being back home after 12 months on the road.  Despite being back for 4 months I’ve just been working for 3 weeks, and have already reminded myself why I wanted to stay out of an office for as long as possible.

But there’s good news.  Just around the corner I am off to Kabul in Afghanistan to take photos with a journalist on commission for a business travel magazine.  There’s already been some funny stuff going through the booking tickets, like my Kam Air flight tickets arriving today in a lovely ticket holder……bearing the summer timetable from 2004.  Needless to say there are more flights from Dubai now, and it’s this regeneration of Kabul we hope to capture.

More blogging soon as I get ready to go two weeks tomorrow!  I can’t wait.

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  1. Great! Ah thats really good stuff! Will you be catching up with Rich, or is he due to be miles away? (My geography of Afghanistan is terrible, so even if you told where you were going I would have no idea!). Due to leave the cattle station in a few days, then off to the Melbourne Cup to watch some horses jog around a track. Its all good. All the best xx

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