Sep 292007

I know my blog has been quiet of late…I’ve been sorting out a j-o-b! Scary stuff.
This is just a brief post to point you to some videos of Burma, where I was this time last year – almost to the day.

As ever, You Tube lets everything out, so this video contains what it’s like for the members of the junta there . It’s pretty clear by the images you see of Burma that the normal members of the public’s lifestyle is nothing like this. To contrast it, here’s a video to the memories if the demonstrator that are suffering.

As usual the politicians are immediately talking about putting sanctions on the country but who will this hit? The public. I’m not convinced this is the way to go. The people of Burma are some of the friendliest you’ll find in South East Asia and they are kept in the dark about the world outside. I reckon if further sanctions are imposed they would have do be done with this taken into consideration.

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