Aug 012007

You know people are doing bad things when they have to create a publicity site to sell how good they are….. I clicked on an add for Malaysian Palm Oil….but all I can think of is the several long hours we drove through Sabah this time last year….and all we could see were palm oil plantations where rainforest used to be…
I managed to view the whole of the BBC Expedition Borneo series this week which was a superb reminder of where I was this time last year. We stayed at the same camp as the BBC used for their trip, but there were no helicopters for us! I’ve got photos of the boards they wrote up all the species they saw during their trip, and went on night treks like they did. It was superb seeing all captured in true BBC style. Excellent.

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  1. Completely off topic. Hit the road again, Darren. You know you want to!

  2. It may be off topic, but completely in my head!! One of the best blog comments yet. Need to stay put for a bit and see if there are more ways to get cash in that are no location dependent first! Hope your book sales are going well, cheers.

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