Jul 182007

14 days without a blog post. Does this mean life has been boring?

In a way yes, but in a way no. I’m still waiting for Sony to deliver a part for my laptop. I caught the cable on my foot in the Philippines, dragged it off a 1 foot high table and caused £600 damage to it. It’s quite unbelievable as it worked fine apart from the speakers but apparently it required a new system board and some bits of new casing…..

So what have I been up to? Not very much. No broadband access is killing me, but providing a grand excuse for not trying out any of my ideas (lazy git) and I have been helping a friend putting in a kitchen. This is quite funny as I’m so against DIY normally but it’s been quite interesting putting together cabinets, putting up false walls and ‘playing’ with nail guns (jeeez they’re deadly!).

I’m still a very long way from reality and looking for real work which will become an issue when I want to do things that cost money…..like getting a mode of transport (which is really frustrating not having). Luckily a mate is taking me up the hills this weekend for some adventure which is long overdue. I’ve been back over a month, and I’ve done no outdoor climbing or mountaineering and have not been out of Edinburgh or Aberdeen overnight…..so some combination of mountain biking, camping, climbing and adventure will be great.

Last weekend I volunteered as a marshall for the Rat Race Adventure which is an urban adventure race set in Edinburgh (they also do other cities). This was great laugh as I was sent to the waterfront in Edinburgh to create a challenge using some cobbles leading down to the sea, three Raleigh Chopper bikes and some borrowed Police cones. The fun race lasted three hours with all sorts of wacky challenges. On Sunday the real race was on and I was sent to marshall at the first real challenge on an Edinburgh riverbank…. as the teams of three approached, we sent one of them into the river to swim 200m while the others in the team had to get the three mountain bikes over a big set of steps leading over the riverbank. Other stages had them drytooling (ice axes climbing on wood), abseiling from a bridge and a stadium and more….check out the preview videos at the Rat Race website.

I’m back in Aberdeen for a night before my sister leaves to foreign lands for another year, so I better go and utilise my broadband connection!

More soon as I *hope* to get it in my mates place soonish….I’ll try to get some pics up from the Rat Race too.

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