Jul 262007

I’ve spent the last few days on and off organising all my data after my year away and realised I took over 15,000 photographs during my trip. Just over 5000 during my Raleigh Expedition (which I find hard to believe!) and over 10,000 during the rest of my travels! This was just a quick search but I think it’s feasible. It definitely means there’s a lot of editing in there though as it’s the first time I’ve had all my images in the same place.

I managed to make it up to the mountains of Scotland this weekend with my mate and his Mitsubishi Bongo van – an absolute delight. We did the two classic scrambles/walks in Glencoe – Aonach Eagach and Curved Ridge and some indoor climbing. It was great to get out and about again but it really made me realise I’m back home and I wasn’t sure how much I liked that thought!

I’m still looking into things to do and my excuses will run out next week as I get broadband installed in my mate’s flat……. and no doubt the blogging will start, and I’ll get a few pics up here too. Aaaaah, I’ll get away from dial-up internet – yaaaa!

I’m off to the Torridon area this weekend if the weather behaves and no doubt I’ll have a harsh realisation that my money is not endless very soon after….

I’m still without my own laptop though as Sony has lived up to their reputation of ever so slow after sales support with my insurance repairers…for the third ‘it should be next week’ timescale I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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