Jun 082007

Somehow I made it to get up at 0545 this morning to head down to the fish market.  This isn’t any fish market, it’s the fish market for Japan, with one of the most varied seafood diets in the world, thus it’s the biggest fish market in the world.  Due to the light over here I often waken up early anyway, but this time I never went back to sleep several times.  (Warning : some of these pictures may make you feel queezy if you don’t like these things)

I thought it would just be another thing I’d go and see and wonder why I bothered, but it was really worth it.  I could have spent ages taking photos, but somehow I wasn’t convinced I had downloaded the snowmonkeys on my second card, so stopped.

There are all sorts of things there for sale, although I think by the time I got there a lot of the big fish had been….well, make smaller so to speak.


One of the funny things was trying to avoid the three wheeled carts they have down there for transport (Picture below).  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of the things buzzing around all over the place sometimes with stuff dripping off the back, and drivers cool as anything, maybe even smoking a cigarette on the move.  I’m sure they must curse all the bloody tourists milling around though.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (hopefully!) but if you don’t get squeamish you can look at more in my picture gallery.








Of course you’d have to enjoy some of the freshest sushi ever afterwards eh?  (I didn’t – too early for me!)

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