Jun 082007

I’m just glad Yodobashi Camera’s website is only in Japanese or I’d want to buy stuff on it all the time. 

I walked into their Shinjuku branch today and it was ridiculous.  Everything was in stock – all those things you kind of know exists in the UK, but that you can only see on websites.  They had compact cameras hooked up to  telescopes (I wanted one, I just didn’t know why), all kinds of lenses and accessories, MP3 players (although they still generally only have sexy little ones rather than traveller friendly ones), memory cards, hundreds (literally!) of different kinds of headphones, and basically whatever electrical accessory you could want.

Later I met up with an Irish lad I met in Hiroshima, hunted round for the perfect Yakitori bar in Asakusa…..gave up and ended up in a cracking ‘make your own on a hot plate’ okonomyaki bar…..








Think of it like pancakes, but you mix up some kind of dough mixture, raw eggs, cabbage, meat….toss it on a hot plate in the middle of the table, then add sauces and spices.  We sorted out the world of travel writing, photography, Myanmar, marketing….and all over a few draught Yebisu beers and a couple of sakes.  Wicked. 

(Picture : Evening in Asakusa)

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