Jun 072007

So I’ve only been in Tokyo for a few hours, and it’s exactly what I thought (even though I’ve been here a few nights before).

I have already been confused at what replacement to buy for my MP3 player….I was decided, then I saw a larger one for not much more….

But in a few hours I’ve already been dreaming…..

One larger MP3 player is almost 33% cheaper than in the UK.

The small MP3 player is 25% cheaper than the UK.

An last minute contender MP3 player is 25% cheaper than the UK.

The Canon G7 camera I almost bought several months ago is 30% cheaper than the UK, and the Canon 400D which I’d love is over 25% cheaper than the UK!

Oh dear oh dear, if my money situation wasn’t as dire I’d be going mental.  You know you have to spend money to save money!!

I’m back at another Ks House hostel and once again it’s superb.  Not quite as cushy and spacious as the one in Fuji, but hey ho.  Although like all hostels with WiFi nowadays there are four of us sitting around staring at screens instead of actually speaking to each other.

Bring on Bangkok I say!  Not that I don’t like Tokyo, I’m just not so willing to spend the cash to enjoy it the way I’d like to (Ninja restaurants, jailhouse bars etc).  In saying that I may be meeting up with an Irish guy I met in Hiroshima tomorrow so it may well go a bit wrong….

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