Jun 202007

If you had told me when I left that Leith would have been twinned with Rio De Janeiro by the time I came back I would have probably put a large bet against it.  Leith is one of those Edinburgh suburbs (although Leithers would hate to be referred as that as they class themselves outside the city) that is coming good.  Traditionally it was a more lower or working class than some of Edinburgh, but now getting more trendy with classy bars and restaurants mixed between the nitty gritty Leith of old.  A great area.  But you see, Leith, in my opinion, has as much to do with Rio De Janeiro as bears have with shitting in a lavatory.  But hey, each to their own.  Good on you Leith!

Also….Budvar beer has sadly changed the colour of it’s large bottles from brown to green.  BUT – Beer Lao has made it to the UK!  I’m not sure if this is an official source, but hey

you can buy Beer Lao online in the UK!

As for that I’ve had a lazy few days as I’ve been struck with a bad cold being really bunged up, and having horrible nights sleeps.  That and the reality of trying to realise I’m back in Scotland hasn’t made me very productive.  I called the ‘dole office’ today which is always a laugh so will try and sign on for benefits while I work something out – hey I’ve paid enough taxes over the years. 

Apart from that I’ve arranged to get my laptop inspected as my speakers haven’t been working for some time after it was dropped. Unfortunately it is the worst possible timing as I have loads I’d like to do over the next few weeks, and being a Sony it may well end taking ages, and me cancelling the repair.

Apart from that I have plans to head to Aberdeen to see the folks next week, and try to head away to do some outdoors stuff with a mate for a few days the week after that.

Somehow I’ll have to find a way to get some cash in as well!

This is Japanese for ‘Travel’….but I need to get my photoshop skills significantly better to make this look half decent!

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  2 Responses to “Some things have changed in Edinburgh after all….”

  1. Have just been reading through some of your back posts, Darren. The book is out and I seem to have been so busy recently. I spent four years in Aberdeen during the ’80’s! Almost went to uni there but returned to NZ instead. Couldn’t understand the Aberdonians at all once they were drunk! Good luck with making some money from your images – I’m sure there must be a way.

  2. Small world! Wise choice you made though. I miss NZ – especially Poor Knights diving just now. Best of luck with the book. Will have to try and get a hold of it when I ‘settle down’ a bit.

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