Jun 112007

I love it when you leave a country when it all turns to shit.

I woke up this morning with an inevitable hangover, probably the worst I’ve had for a bloody long time.  It was 9am and I was determined to go to a park today to see locals doing their costume play and take loads of photos.  Luckily it was raining very heavily so I never felt quite as bad when I rewoke at 11.40pm, with just a tinge of guilt for not checking out in time.  However, this is K’s House hostel…..they never minded, they’re superb. I once woke up early in my trip with a really vivid dream of running a hostel in Scotland which I’d love to do.  If I ever did it I’d want a similar vibe to K’s with people having similar thoughts about mine, and have an equally glowing comments book.

So all I did today was hang around, dodge the rain, go to 7/11 to get some breakfast, and journey to the airport for my 6.25pm flight to Bangkok.

It was quite a reflective journey to Narita airport.  Tunes on.  Buildings rushing by.  No more yakitori.  Bring on the green curry and finding the bar that sells Beer Laos. 

All that was interrupted as I realised I had lost a bracelet of the Cambodia flag that I had sat watch being made by a kid on the beach in Cambodia.  I was gutted.  Angry. I thought of all the pictures of him making it and the laughs we had while he did it.  Him using my SLR.  Singing into my MP3 player and laughing with his mates as they listened to themselves.  Walking him back along the beach after he stayed to try and do a Scottish bracelet. Irreplaceable.  I was almost screaming out loud in joy as I noticed in on the train floor in the aisle.  It made me realise all the more that it’s not the places as much as the people and memories that make a trip.

 Yes, that was Japan.  And it rocked.  Just as it was turning to shit with the weather, it appeared that everything was happening to remind me how nice a place it can be.  An old guy asked if I needed help while I looked at my last subway map waiting for the train.  Turns out he had toured around Scotland and stayed very close to my flat in Edinbugh years ago.  Two girls were looking at me lugging my 35+ kilos on the subway and started giggling when I clocked them.  The train snack selling girl counted out all my small change for me to pay for my drink. 

I’d love to come back again, see more of the countryside, go mountaineering, and have a budget suitable for me to blow on toys in Tokyo.

Plenty good people and memories 🙂 

Picture : Me being quite shocked that you had to pay for WiFi in Tokyo airport, although this being Japan, there were around ten different providers you could choose from.

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