Jun 182007

So what’s it like to be back?  Absolutely bizarre.  It’s great to see people, no doubt about that, although I’ve been easing myself into that.

(Picture : view from Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh)

What does feel weird is not having worked for so long there it is going to take a while to realise that I may end up in the corporate world again to earn some cash.  As I waited for my last flight to Edinburgh from Heathrow, the departure gate was full of people on business flights, wearing suits, carrying briefcases and making last minute business calls : that world seems so far away from interacting with some local using only the best hand signals you can dream up, and going shopping for some food where you can’t decipher any of the packaging on the shelfs.

I’ve been going through some of my pictures in the few days since getting back which is a great way of reliving the trip and reminding myself of things I’ve forgotten I’ve done.

My trip highlights in terms of countries would have to be :

Laos – great people and places and so laid back.  Would go back tomorrow.

Myanmar – as above but it’s frustrating not being able to find out about the politics of the area easily.

Japan – it’s like what I had been expecting for years, yet there is so much more to see than I did.  It took me years to make it here.  Great experiences, wacky and definitely a lively friendly population.  I’d go back with outdoors gear.

New Zealand – For me, NZ can’t really be put in a specific place – it wasn’t first, it wasn’t third, it was just really great.  It’s similar to home in terms of you don’t get vast cultural differences and you don’t have to fight huge language barriers.  The people have a great lifestyle attitude and the country is just so diverse.  I really miss diving the Poor Knights and wish I could do that tomorrow.

There are so many favourite bits, I will try to write some country summaries over the next few weeks as it all seems very weird not blogging about what I’m up to, even though there may be very few readers.

I have a few things I’d like to be trying over the next month or so before I try to get any ‘real’ work.  I’m going to go through my photography and see if I can work out a way to get some income through that, maybe look at doing an ebook, look into ways of making some cash online and investigate doing another expedition of sorts using my photography and trek leading – maybe to somewhere like Mongolia.

Any other short term work considered!  Drop me an email!

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