Jun 052007

I finally got to the Mount Fuji area, in particular the Kawaguchiko village, last night after spending all day on trains and buses.  To be fair, most folk thought I was mad coming up from Beppu to Fuji in a day, and in hindsight there were other places I would have liked to stop on the way, but that’s what I get for planning things out last week….it just stuck in my head and I couldn’t be bothered changing it.

So it was at Beppu train station by 0715, 5 train changes as I had to stop off in Kyoto to pick up my 20kg rucksack I left for almost ten days, and two buses.  To be fair, the train changes were easy and twice involved just getting off, waiting on the same platform for a few minutes, then stepping on the next train.  Rail travel here really is a joy.

And now I’m in K’s House hostel – another branch of the one I stayed at in Kyoto.  Now I did think New Zealand had the best hostels, but if I owned a hostel I’d want it to be one like K’s.  Super chilled out, free internet, 50″ plasma TV with free DVD’s, bike hire, superb lounge area including a traditional Japanese section, bunk beds that don’t squeak, fantastic showers, and a great kitchen.

Unfortunately I’m finding it a bit too chilled as I’ve hardly left the place.  I’m getting into a mood of looking into things I can do when I get back so have been doing a lot of research into things online.

You see it’s like this.  I’m only a few kilometres from the foot of Mt Fuji.  It’s cloudy.  I can’t see it.  I didn’t see it from the train yesterday.  All the other treks wouldn’t give you the best views, so basically I’m taking advantage of a quiet hostel.  I may even stay here another night here as I’ll only spend a load of cash in Tokyo (although I am also staying at K’s House there).

I did rent a bike for a couple of hours today though and went a cycle around Lake Kawaguchiko which was more than adequate exercise for one day I reckon!

Speaking of exercise I have had my first work opportunity offered to me from a good friend…..now don’t laugh but I can help him labouring for some extra cash so I may well take him up on that in Edinburgh for a little bit while I pretend to develop other ideas!

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