Jun 122007


If you’ve been in Thailand before you could probably guess I am there just from this picture.

It’s great to be back to Thai food.  I realised I hadn’t had any for a while as I confidently asked for my green curry ‘quite spicy’ last night, forgetting my taste buds would have to re-adapt.   Hmmm Hmmm Hmmmmm.

I had a lazy day yesterday getting burnt by the pool and making a trip to the great little BKKer shop to get a tshirt I missed the last time (I have so many clothes from this trip!).

I hooked up with the Czech hitchhikers Petra and Martina I picked up in NZ for 30 minutes which was great.  One of them has been in Scotland for ages so was as passionate about the place as me.  They were funny, that European touch to their accent, thinking my accent was crazy, and we had to go to another 7/11 to buy beer as ‘this is not cold enough, we’re Czech, our beer has to be cold”‘.  Martina was even mad enough to stay in Knoydart in Scotland for 7 months –  one of the hardest regions to reach in Scotland, only accessible by foot or boat.

Anyway, we had a few beers and people watched in Khao San Road which is always interesting.  When we walked past their accommodation I couldn’t resist catching a glimpse at cheap Khao San Road accommodation which I’ve always avoided.  It was a nice enough place but as I walked through it the scenes from Trainspotting were being recreated in my head.   I’m sure it could have been filmed in the same place, although I didn’t put my head down the toilet to confirm if that scene was filmed there or not.

I tried to drive a tuk tuk back as I was just around the corner but the driver changed his mind when I followed through with it….he even asked if I had my driving license on me but quite rightly eventually used the excuse I probably had too much to drink.  I never helped my cause by having a freshly opened bottle of Chang in my hand at 0130.

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