Jun 112007

I arrived back in Bangkok at 11pm last night.  It was 31c.  Today it is going to get up to 38c.  Jeez I forgot what it was like here.

My flight wasn’t the best.  I flew on United and it felt like going with a budget airline compared to my flights on BA and Qantas.  Only one big screen.  No entertainment system you can select yourself. Crammed in like sardines (not helped by the oversized lady sitting next to me which mean I couldn’t actually get my table down flat).  The crew spilt stuff on me as they popped ice into drinks, and opened cans next to me so that I could feel the spray in my face.  Still, at least they never questioned my excessive hand luggage.

I had a few wacky thoughts last night.  The wackiest was to try and find a flight to Luang Prabang in Laos and head up there for a night….ooooh I’d so much love to do that.  The other one was to head to the floating market a couple of hours north.  Four or five times here now and I still haven’t done it….but I know I’m just going to sit on my arse, meet a couple of Czech hitchhikers I picked up in NZ for a drink tonight, then do some extremely lightweight shopping tomorrow.  And sit by the pool. 

I love being back in SE Asia.  Cheap excellent food and a bit of a wacky vibe.  It’s only been just over three weeks since I was in New Zealand and it’s seems a lifetime ago.

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