Jun 112007

Yes I know my previous post never mentioned any big night out, despite it’s title.  But this deserves its own post.

After I got back from my last full day, the guys at the hostel had mentioned this 50 Yen beer place that no-one staying there had checked out yet.  There were around 8 of us piled over there, and it was true.  Yes, a small slice of heaven in Tokyo….beers for about 20 pence.  That’s cheaper than Laos.








I think they are only doing it for the month of June as an opening promotion, but if you are around the Asakasubashi station, it’s just round the back of MacDonalds and round the corner.

 So a selection of various yakitori and sushi was ordered, and several beers.  Superb night as I’d never done anything with any of the hostel crowd yet despite speaking quite a lot.

They were all headed for Shinjuku so I stayed for another beer, about to retire to the hostel for an easy night……



But as we all know the best nights are the unplanned ones.  As I got back, everyone was just about to head out to a local bar in Asakusa where the were the night before rather than trek across the city and have an all nighter.

Obviously I joined them.  It was a great lively place full of locals.  I ordered more food, got more bewildered by the singing and chanting at the table next to us (there was yet another festival on and they had been taking part in it all day), then it started at another table.  Eventually most of the crowd left, with a few of us staying on.

We moved to the noisy table and introduced ourselves to local crowd….eventually it appeared to be gone 3.30am somehow.  One of the guys with us had tagged on as he had an early morning train, but no accommodation booked.  Luckily the locals weren’t persuaded to go to Karaoke with him as I know I would’ve joined them.  They left, and left a whole bottle of sochu on the table (think of it like a Japanese vodka style drink, but that’s doesn’t describe it very well).  We took it and seemed to think it would be a good idea to neck a lot of it on the way back…..so wrong!!

A very late unplanned night, but a bloody good one to leave Tokyo on.

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