Jun 282007

As expected its taken me ages to get into things this week – still haven’t done the tax, printed pictures, written articles or sorted out all the stuff at my mum and dad’s……and tomorrow I need to be sorted to take all my outdoors gear to Edinburgh!My laptop is out of action for at least […]

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Jun 262007

How is it that music you listen to seems to adapt to your life? You listen to albums you have listened for for ages, yet because something that has happened to you, you start to listen to, rather than just hear, words of songs you have heard over and over again, yet now the words […]

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Jun 252007
Post Travel Blues in grey Aberdeen (and a new Logo)

Is this the last leg of travel of my backpacking kit? I think so, but a different batch will head back to Edinburgh at the weekend…. I don’t like it when people refer to Aberdeen, my real home city, as dull and grey (after all it is known as the Granite City due to all […]

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Jun 222007
Normality creeping in

As time goes by and my cold disappears the realities of a ‘normal’ life are slowly creeping in. The laptop went in for repair today (how will I cope!) and day to day life things you don’t really have to face up to are slowly coming into play.And for next week? I’ll be back in […]

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Jun 182007
Post trip haze

So what’s it like to be back?  Absolutely bizarre.  It’s great to see people, no doubt about that, although I’ve been easing myself into that. (Picture : view from Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh) What does feel weird is not having worked for so long there it is going to take a while to realise that […]

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Jun 162007

I’ve been back in Scotland for a couple of days now after  a bit of nightmareish delayed journey.  It’s bizarre and yet to sink in.  It almost feels like I am walking along in another world!  The lively Edinburgh I left behind all seems so weird, and the weather is dull as well which isn’t the best […]

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Jun 122007
Back In BKK

  If you’ve been in Thailand before you could probably guess I am there just from this picture. It’s great to be back to Thai food.  I realised I hadn’t had any for a while as I confidently asked for my green curry ‘quite spicy’ last night, forgetting my taste buds would have to re-adapt.   […]

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