May 202007

At least I think that’s what it means.  After years of wanting to get here I’ve finally made it to Japan.

The day of the flight was a bit of an ordeal, not helped by myself staying up most of the night before in Auckland airport on wifi.  I felt obliged to accept the stewardesses offer of extra wine to kick myself to sleep during the Sydney to Tokyo leg.  The flight was more than half empty so there was plenty of space to stretch out.  After a bit of a delay in leaving due to the rain I never got into the hostel until after 11pm.  Luckily the flight delay was due to horrendous rain in Sydney, and not me.  My name called out on the tannoy in the airport to get my bootie to the gate, despite it only just turning to the time they said the flight would board.

Tokyo isn’t as hard to get around on the trains as people make out.  It has its odd confusing moments, but it’s far easier than trying to navigate around the streets and find Tourist Information Offices tucked on 10th floors of buildings (I mean, come on….)

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