May 302007

I started typing this to talk about the food and experiences I’d miss when I got back, things I’d like when I get back, and things I’d like to be able to buy back in Scotland.  I kindof got carried away in a ‘perfect day’ scenario made up of different things.  It’s raining outside and I should be heading to Nara…..I think I may need to put more work into this…

  • For breakfast I’d have several warm Aberdeen rowies with butter and jam, and maybe one with syrup just to push the boat out
  • …washed down with a nice strong Laos coffee with sweetened condensed milk
  • I’d then head out for breakfast for $2, maybe munching on a couple of feijoas on the way out the door.
  • …then decide whether I was going to the glacier or the beach for the day
  • On the way there I’d pop in and find some knock off software and music I didn’t really need but bought anyway….then I’d stop off at the handicraft shop.
  • On the way I’d stop and take some photos of some really interesting people and laugh at the kids waving and looking at me strangely (hey maybe this is realistic ;-> ), while drawing a face on a balloon and handing it to them, communicating using some mangled form of sign language
  • The locals passing me would honk their horn and say hello and wish me a good day despite not knowing me
  • I’d check out the state of some online/investment/some kindof business that I magically started to see how my cash was doing
  • After a great day I’ll retire to a funky little yakitori bar overlooking the loch for some munchies, while drinking some Beer Lao, washing it down with a warm sake.  Of course I’d be sitting outside listening to some funky tunes I’ve never heard before while chatting to some really cool new people sitting at the table next to me.
  • On the way home I’d pick up a hooker and fall asleep.
  • Before crashing out I’d sit out on my balcony overlooking the sea, with the mountains in the background, watching for shooting stars
  • When I woke up I’d have a stroll through the fresh food market picking out some stuff for a nice breakfast.
  • Then go offroading in my 4×4 to reach a mountain bike trail.
  • Of course the camping stuff was in the car so tonight is at a cool wee camping spot in the @rse end of nowhere at the side of a loch (lake for international readers!)….with some cheese and wine.
  • After heading back and doing a little bit of work (god knows what, but its relaxed and enjoyable), I’ll head out for a dive in the afternoon.

Yes, there may well be another version of this when I’ve had a proper think about it.

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