May 072007

It is definitely low season in NZ just now.  Generally everyone seems to pass through Hahei for one night only. I decided I needed to take some time out and prep the car for getting shot of it in Auckland.  I ended up in Hahei for three nights and almost felt like I should have got my residency due to my ‘long term’ status.  I even got my internet check for free from the guy there.  After the last few days it was definitely time for a clear out as you can see from the following pictures taken enroute from Froggat to Coromandel.  Note the classy towel drying method of having it over the front seat.  The back seat was even fuller than normal as I had bought a box to send my first parcel home, in the hope that I would finally travel light in Japan (Dad, there’s another 12kg box on it’s way around the end of May! – another one to follow in a week’s time!  And I guess another $170 postage!!!).

Passenger seat and rear seat.





Rear seats in all their glory.





The essentials : Coffee, and the lead to the MP3 player (getting more annoying as time goes on as it is getting harder and harder to force it into stereo playback due to a loose connection – an upgrade is calling me in Japan!)…and the Christchurch Antartic Centre visitors sticker on the dashboard.


MP3 player, maps, blueberry muffin brown bag, laptop manbag at footwell (my compulsory purchase in Sydney) and waterproof jacket – hardly used 🙂


After a while sorting this out and packing a box, there was only one thing left….another afternoon visit to Hot Water Beach!

It felt like I was the only person in the accommodation that night as everyone else (erm, three people) kept themselves to themselves in their rooms while I struggled to find some decent TV while backing up pictures.

Oh here’s a random picture I took on my journey from Froggatt.  You have to love some of the advertising you see around here with the Kiwi sense of humour – click the picture to enlarge it and have a read.

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