May 012007

 After having a sneaky couple of drinks with ‘Stan’ (he French guy) in the bar last night I offered him a lift to Taupo with me.  Another amazing person to meet as he had just went up Mount Ruapeu and worked as a Captain’s Mate on supply ships to the French Antartic research stations based out of Tasmania.  I tried to see if they ever took stowaways but I never got anywhere……  maybe one day I’ll get an email eh Stan?  Please???  Oh how I’d love to go there…….

I was keen to hang around and try going up to the ice and snow to the crater on Ruapeu (the location of the recent lahar landslide)but the forecast was stinky so we drove to Taupo in the rain.  Booked on his bus to Rotorua we both sneaked in a visit to the Craters Of The Moon – a geothermal area on the outskirts of town.  Amazing.  Flumes of steam popping out the ground in all shapes and sizes, some of them as loud as a small generator.  Despite walking around in waterproofs in the rain it was well  worth it.  Apparently the area didn’t have much activity until the creation of a geothermal power station which altered the underground activity.


After a bacon and egg sarnie with Stan I left him at the bus station  and opted for the flashpacker option of staying in a newer hostel in Taupo so fingers crossed for no snorers.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about your trip. If you don’t mind I’ll link on to you but don’t expect to get run down in the rush!

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