May 142007

Yes I know. You are sitting there wondering what new tunes you can listen to.  And I am sitting here alone in my campervan so I feel compelled to tell you about some of the great stuff I’ve (clear throat) bought on my travels.  Largely inspired by what my mates have had of course, and some stuff I’ve read about.  Definitely not all new.

  • The Knive – ‘Deep Cuts’.  Dave T – if you read this, buy it now.  It contains the original of Jose Gonzalez’s now famous tune from the Sony bouncing balls advert.  I loved that, but I like the original better.
  • Mark Ronson – ‘Version’.  Just out.  If you like dance, electronic, Robbie William’s ‘big band’ album or anything inbetween.  Get it.  Just out.   It’s more than a mash up of tunes.  No XXX ‘versus’ YYY.  It’s new take on many songs from Radiohead, Stone Roses, that chick that sings ‘Toxic’, and many more inbetween.  Despite being covers of some shape or form, it’s original.  Love it.
  • Manu Chao – ‘Proxima Estacion’.  I hardly listen to this, but play track 15  – ‘Homens’.  You may recognise it.  It’s in French.  It’s great.
  • Stars – ‘Set Yourself on Fire’.  From 2007 but got this early  in my trip.  Try it.  Superb.
  • The Beautiful Girls.  Just try anything.  I saw them in Adelaide a few years ago.  Only just got their stuff.  Good.
  • The Fratellis. Guess if you are at home you’ll know this Scottish band.
  • Ben Harper ‘ ‘Both Sides of the Gun’.  A bit funky.  You’ll love it or hate it.
  • Boards of Canada – ‘The Campfire Headphase’.  Chilled out tunes.  Chromakey Dreamcoat is my fav.
  • Carus – ‘Acoustic at the Norfolk’.  A folky Melbourne band. 
  • Cold War Kids – ‘RObbers & Cowards’.  Martin you may like this, despite having thought my music taste is ‘up my arse’ the last few years.
  • Emilia Torrino – ‘Fishermans Woman’.  Female artist.  If you like that kinda chilled out female vocals, definitely try this. I first heard one of her tracks on the Ministry of Sound Chilled Out 8 – but don’t let that put you off if you’re not usually into this kind of album.
  • Evermore – ‘Real Life’.  I have to mention a Kiwi band.  Their track ‘Running’ is played all the time hear and for a good reason.
  • Faithless ‘ ‘To All New Arrivals’.  They always deliver a quality album.  Worth it just to hear a boshed about version of one of the Cure’s classics.
  • Gomez – ‘How We Operate’.  If you like Gomez, get this.  A fantastic album.  Even if you don’t like them – try it.
  • Nelly Furtado – ‘Loose’.  Yes I used to love her first album (or was it just her?) but I can’t believe I’m adding this to the list.  I love ‘Priscuous’ – it’s the kind of song that would get me on a dancefloor if bladdered, but don’t hold me to it when I get home.  I like this largely due to the fact that you heard the background riff round every corner in every shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu in Borneo.  But strangely I quite like ‘Maneater’ as well.  Ooops.
  • The Fray – ‘How To Save  A Life’.  Did I really leave this until last?  I guess you’ll know this if back home.  Saw it was high in the Australia charts, thought I’d see what it was about without ever hearing any of their stuff.  Absolutely superb.
  • The Living End – various albums.  My friend Tracy from Melbourne was once their rock star photographer (kinda) as her and her bro knows them well.
  • The Waifs – ‘Sink or Swim’.  God (probably) knows where this band is from but they have an Irish folky kinda vibe to them.  Superb ‘fiddly diddly’ but funky music.
  • Tosca – ‘Dehli’.  If you want some chilled, funky, kinda dance music, for some lazy listening DEFINITELY try this one for size.  Listen to ‘Gute Lounge”.
  • Groove Armada – ‘Soundboy Rocks’.  Not sure if it lives up to the rest – good, but I’ve only had it a day or so.

So you can waken up nowif you have read this far and  get your download manager on the go………

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