May 312007

After the aquarium I checked into my capsule hotel at Asahi Plaza Shinsaidbashi.  But more of that later.

I was going to have an early night but headed out to explore the nightlife area of Osaka.  Apart from being seduced by an outdoors shop after popping in for a brolly, I wandered around the eating, drinking and shopping area.  As the sun set it all became pretty overwhelming.  So much going on, so much noise from people, some touts, pachinco parlours and so many eating and drinking joints.  It was the first time I’ve felt like that in Japan so far.








All I wanted was a nice little busy yakitori bar.  There were hundreds.  I got fed up looking for one and walking around the same streets to opted for some Takoyaki – octopus balls.  They like balls of dough (kind of) with bits of octopus inside them, along with some vegetables or something.  I don’t really agree with eating them as I’m convinced Japan is trashing the world’s population of octopus!  I then found a quiet bar and sat and read an English language freebie magazine, Seek Japan.

So, on to the capsule hotel.  A very bizarre thing, but a very Japanese thing.  The one I went to was bang in the centre of Ameri-mura, or America-mura which is a shopping (and eating/drinking area) where all the shops have an American (or perceived American!) vibe to them.  I’ll upload a small slideshow with some shopfronts.  Quite funny walking around there and just people watching.  I’d defintely recommend this place as a good one to try out the capsule hotel experience though as it’s in a cracking area.  I went to the capsule hotel, changed into the robe I was given, then headed down for a Japanese style shower, hot bath (like a hot tub type thing) and a sauna.  I then retired to my capsule and almost read the rest of my book.  I had a radio and a television, complete with pay per view porn…if I wanted it!








(Picture : The capsule ‘command centre’ and the TV)

My book was so gripping (Dan Brown – ‘Angels and Demons’) I ended up coming out of my capsule (but that was because of the snorers) and having a beer to knock me out.  2am.

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