May 312007

Yesterday I went to Osaka Aquarium which has one of the largest tanks in the world.  The had a frickin’ whale shark and manta ray in there!!!!!  And loads more.  Very diferent from the Sydney Aquarium, which I think I preferred, but very good to see all the things.  I wish I had brought along my earplugs though as there were about 2 billion Japanese miniature schoolkids in there at the same time screaming away (at least it sounded like 2 billion, all wearing bright pink or bright blue, or donning some coloured cap).

They also had king size crabs which looked like mutants.  The appeared to be almost the same size as me (no kidding) and they have pressurised the tank to simulate the depths they usually live at.


One good thing about the aquarium was that I realised how much I have managed to see underwater this year.  I was even lucky enough to see an eagle ray in the flesh at the Poor Knights….and the manta was far smaller than the ones I dived with 🙂 ….and the whale shark was a lot smaller than the one I could have snorkelled with if I didn’t turn back to the boat thinking it had left the area (AARRGGG!)


Once again I’m happy to be travelling outside the main tourism season as it’s busy enough at some places at the moment.  I’m sure the cherry blossoms make some of the places amazing, but it must be absolutely mobbed!

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