May 172007

I left Tutukaka yesterday morning already wondering why I hadn’t just stayed to dive.  I knew I wanted to see the North, but I had kindof already decided I wouldn’t head to Cape Reinga as it would be too much driving, and I got fed up of that recently. Immediately I felt like I had turned into a ‘tick off tourist’ just cruising past the sights with no time to take them in.

Straight past Bay of Islands, straight past where they signed the historic treaty, straight past Doubtless Bay, and a quick snap on a misty 68 mile (sorry ’90’ mile) beach.

I decided I had to head back to Tutukaka and spend my last clear day in NZ doing another dive at Dive Tutukaka by the Poor Knights Islands.  I’ve constantly thought about diving and doing my divemaster since being there, so if any generous and wealthy reader has some spare pocket change you could give me a birthday present of flights and divemaster course for my birthday once I return home!  I’m just hoping the weather over there has stayed better than in the west.

It’s a bit like a good days climbing.  Do you do another climb after the last superb one you just did, or do you leave it incase the last one you try isn’t as good and taints the memory?

Anyway, they are a great bunch there and probably one of the most professional (but not boring) dive outfits I’ve ever went out with, alongside probably Borneo Divers.

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