May 312007

I got up to go to Hiroshima this morning but decided to head to Nara for the day instead, and take the train over late afternoon.

(Picture : Nara tourism in ‘low’ season)   Again I was surround by schoolkids so I just had a pleasant walk around some temples and shrines but never went inside any of them.  Nara Park was pretty cool though – right in the small city, but full of Shika (I don’t know how you spell this) – pretty much Deer if you are British.  They are so used to tourists (over?)feeding them that they just mingle around right next to you.




I had passed so many of these prayer block in shrines that I decided it was my turn to leave them.  I’m really bad at thinking up instant wishes though so this one was a bit corny!


(Picture : Sin-Osaka station taxi rank!)

I caught the train to Kyoto (faster than heading back to Osaka) to get the Shinkansen.  As I was writing up some travel scribbles I had a flashback that somehow I never had my USB drive I have been using to email.  A quick check and I reckon I left it in the PC at the capsule hotel.  I hopped off the train at the next stop, immediately caugh one heading back (erm, assuming it was the right one), and found out the JR trains to Osaka had stopped running – I’m guessing something happened as it was still early.  I called the place and they reckon they never saw it.  He spoke good English so I decided to cut my losses and head back to Kyoto, loosing 2 hours in the process.

A quick Bento box for my on train dinner and before I knew it was transported to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen.

So tomorrow it’s the Peace Park, the A-Bomb dome and if I get lucky I’ll manage to pop over to an island before heading to Beppu in a couple of days.

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