May 082007

So I was thinking what other hindrances Him upstairs put in the way of Kiwis to try and satisy myself…..

I guess he never thought about broadband coming along….  I mean New Zealand…how do you expect to attract IT people with a piss poor home broadband service with tiny little download capped limits?  And NZTV is trying to promote downloadable TV? Come on…..

And 100km/h speed limit?  Yeh I guess that’ll make them take even longer to get from place to place…..

Little things……

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  One Response to “The Man Upstairs and His mistake making Scotland – Part II”

  1. I’m not even on broadband yet, Darren. My dial up takes forever if there are many images. Can’t wait for NZ to catch up to the rest of the world with internet technology.

    100k’s an hour – that’s okay. My car can’t go any faster anyway!

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