May 142007

Eeeek.  I’ve a long day on Friday.  Staying at airport overnight, then a 3ish hour flight to Sydney, then a few hours wait there, and a 9hr 55min flight to Tokyo!!  I never realised it was so far away, but I guess my route takes me a longer way round.

I’ve already started to witness the anal way of doing things in Japan.  I emailed accommodation I’ve used in Bangkok the other day to book a room.  A confirmation came back.  No worries.

I sent an email to a ryokan in Tokyo the same day. Admittedly I got my dates wrong, but I said that if there were rooms on my real dates then I wanted it, and to let me know step 2 of the booking process.  I then got a reply informing me there were rooms and to let them know if I wanted it………..


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