May 172007

The holiday park in Tutukaka was mobbed last night – I mean there were FOUR campervans in it!

After dinner and my bottle of Feijoa wine I had sitting in the fridge (now that I just remembered that, not wonder I was so bad this morning as that was after my post dive pint!) I went out to the pub to see if it was still open, asking along others at the site.  Only an Austrian girl came along, but there were a couple of English girls from the site there too.  I had been praising the diving, but a tad jealous I wasn’t going out with them all the next day.  The two girls were travel writers in one shape of form (real ones, sorry if you guys read this!) so had a bit of a chin wag with them.

The bar manager and a local manager of another bar joined us and we stayed there until well after closing time until it got too cold.  We then headed back for a display of Poi – fireball dancing to you and me (I never even knew it was called that!).  Pretty neat but boy I was a bit rough finishing packing another box to send home this morning.



Ouch!  Who’s got hot balls!





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