May 172007

I sent off my final (hmmm…Japan?) box home today bringing my total shipped back from my trip to around 100kg.  God knows what!  Actually a lot has been gear I had but wasn’t going to use anymore, and the tent I bought here just slipped in the box too, along with my underwater camera stuff, jacket and climbing stuff.

After the post office I was $300 lighter! Admittedly being a mere $300 lighter was a bonus.

First thing this morning I thought I had lost $800 from my pocket last night. I’d been carrying it around…..actually I started with $1300 after selling the car……until I got to Auckland to get some Japanese Yen.  I was gutted.  The best part of £300.

I finished packing up the van, sellotaping the box, and I realised in my haste to get to the pub I had left the driver’s window of the van wide open last night – yes, with a van full of computer, photography and other kit.  But hey, it was quiet and I was lucky.

I was just getting myself prepared to go round and ask at the pub as I found my $800 on the van floor, obviously falling out my pocket one night as I stripped down for bed!  Lucky bugger.

More luck was had at the post office.   My box was 1kg short of the 20kg limit and I sent off my first submission to a picture library for quality control so fingers crossed.  Out of the thousands of pictures I have take I found it really hard to select only ten to send.  It wasn’t even that they were all good I was just very critical of my photos – e.g. a cracking photo of a young monk but his shadow was cut off and more things like that.  I wish I had looked at them so critically before as I learned a lot in the few hours I was doing it.

As well as that I’ve just submitted a couple more hints ‘n’ tips to a travel magazine, I’ve got my fingers crossed for my first article request, and I have to write a book review for possible submission.  Nothing definite yet but fingers crossed.

Meanwhile I really should get off this free wireless in the airport.  I dropped the van off after 4pm and don’t fly until 6am so I have the night at the airport.  My bag still seems full, but not as heavy so more internetty time and I’m off to make myself into a south park character from one website I just had pointed out in an email.

Sorry New Zealand my time has unfortunately come.  You’ve been great and I hope to be back again some day.  Maybe soon.  Maybe later.  You are so diverse.  You are hot and cold, have some great wet spots, but some fantastic icy ones too.

New Zealand – I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. And New Zealand loves you, Darren!

    I’m sorry you’re off but I will continue to follow your travels. Good luck with all your endeavours. I’m doing a feature each week on my blog called the Thursday Tour (this is Thursday in NZ! and it didn’t happen yesterday because I locked myself out of my blog!) so will point people in the direction of your blog from time to time.

    Enjoy your travels.

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