May 012007

Although I’ve enjoyed writing my blogs when being away I often wonder who reads them. After pouring over Google Analytics I know I get read worldwide from Ghana to Galway and Washington to Wanaka….but I never know who by.
I can tell what words people use to stumble on my site if they use google….. from ‘big cocks’ (an article about cockfighting in Cambodia) to ‘Koh Lanta Koh Lipe speedboat’ to ‘foldable cup. I can never understand the people who are still searching for ‘wanderingscotsman’ or ‘wandering scotsman’ via google and not just typing ‘wanderingscotsman’ in the address bar then hitting CTRL+ENTER (try it!).
I can tell the figure hovers at …..not very high.
But today I received a lovely short email from a Kiwi author saying she’s been reading my blog recently! Yaaah! It may have only been one entry as she is about to get a book called ‘Ripples On The Lake’ published, based in locations around Lake Taupo. Check out her blog The Flightless Writer. Dawn I’m afraid I never filled up my car in Taupo so it wasn’t me that got the free coffee.
So if you are reading this whether be friend or stranger, drop me a note now and again. I know I’ve just been playing catch up recently on my laptop to avoid the people that ruin NZ’s fabulous hostels, but in Rotorua I found a chilled one! Despite sitting in it just now though I don’t know its name….

I’ll be on the move tomorrow. Over to Te Awamutu (hmm..check spelling) to return Gareth’s ice axes then onwards from there. I’ve had my Warrant of Fitness done on my car (hmm…inspection report anyway). I’m over paying to see natural things and do more of the same things so I received some inspiration when I spoke to the guys at Dive Tutukaka this morning… I’m going to hot foot it to go diving and blow cash at the Poor Knights Islands….yet another top 10 destination according to Jacques Costeau (spelling!) – I’m spoiling myself diving again. 20m visibility and a chilly 18c just now.
I’ll probably stop briefly in the Coromandel Peninsula and Auckland to get the car posters up on the way.

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  1. I do read your blog once in a while, just to see how you are getting on. 😉

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