May 222007

I feel I can leave Japan quite happily anytime from now.  Not that I feel I’ve seen enough of it, but I’m just over the moon that I saw the snow monkeys I really wanted to see here.  Small things maybe I know, but they really are as human like they say.  The pictures will speak for themselves.  You could easily see them get annoyed, jealous, help pick thingsout of each others hair, argue and more.


I guess I was very lucky to see lots of juvenile monkeys there too.  I never got to bathe with them like I thought you could, but then I never went to the onsen next to it either (which I’m kicking myself for now a bit, but it was still fantastic).  Highly recommended.

I was going to head back to Tokyo tomorrow and dump my rucksack but I’m heading up to the Soba museum, and maybe doing a big hike, but realistically I won’t have time to come back down the same day.  I’m not sure where I’ll head tomorrow night but I’ve pretty much decided after another day or so in Nagano I’m going to head back to Tokyo and leave half my stuff in left luggage and take the hit of £50 or so for ten days, and ease the pain of lugging it around.  I’m then going to head over to Kyoto.  If I’m back too late tomorrow I’m going to get my first overnight room in the internet cafe I’m in just now – 6 hours for around £8 UKP if you come in late and leave early, then I’ll jump on the shinkansent to Tokyo, then onto Kyoto.  Oh the joys of a Japan Rail Pass.  You could feasibly come up to Nagano just to buy some souvenirs for the day if you wanted to.

Anyway, I’m waffling, check these pictures out, and far more in my snow monkey gallery.  All together now….. Aawwwwwwwwwww  (I did)















If you are sitting in the office you can check them on the monkey park webcam if you get the right time.

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  2 Responses to “I saw snow monkeys today (Japanese Macaques at Jogokudani Yaenkoen Monkey Park)”

  1. Awwwwwww!!!! They are just so cute, Darren. Incase you hadn’t guessed it’s Thursday Tour time again over at my blog!

  2. Love those little guys! Great pics! 🙂

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